Loretta Kryshak and Santana Beckman

All MPD Squad Cars Will Carry Face Masks Donated by

Rebel Converting to Redistribute to Those in Need

Rebel Reform Delivers Face Masks

Milwaukee, WI September 25, 2020 – Loretta Kryshak of Rebel Reform, along with Santana Beckman from the Office on African American Affairs, distributed 6,000 MaskUpMKE envelopes to all seven Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) precincts

Each envelope contained three face masks, which will be placed in every squad car. The police officers will then be able to hand out masks to anyone in need. Next week, all MPD cruisers will be carrying face masks to deliver throughout the greater Milwaukee community.

A Special Thank You

Also, 432 boxes of Girl Scout cookies were handed out to all officers as a special thank you for their help.

MaskUpMKE and Ongoing Efforts

MaskUpMKE.org, Rebel Converting, and Rebel Reform promote the importance of wearing a face mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in southeastern Wisconsin. Face masks are given to anyone needing one at no charge.

Getting more people involved, like our Milwaukee police officers, is a fantastic way to build greater awareness,” said Loretta Kryshak, of Rebel Reform. “COVID is not going away soon, and the simple act of wearing a face covering can save lives, prevent the spread, and reduce the length and severity of this pandemic. Getting more masks out to those who need them will be a huge help,” Kryshak added.


About Rebel Reform

Rebel Reform is Rebel Converting’s social outreach arm and a proud member of the Greater Milwaukee area community. Their mission is to work with nonprofits and support various social causes where their support offers the most significant impact.

Rebel Reform Delivers Face Masks to MPD
Loretta Kryshak with MPD
Loretta Kryshak with Santana Beckman
Loretta Kryshak for Rebel Converting
Loretta Kryshak Delivers Facemasks to all MPD
Rebel Reform delivers face masks to all MPD
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