MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2020  — Loretta Kryshak of Rebel Reform and co-founder of, announced her commitment to helping keep Milwaukee safe by providing access to free and effective face masks. Kryshak publicized that face masks will be available on all five Milwaukee streetcars and distributed to any rider who needs one while showcasing a streetcar wearing a mask of its own to help build awareness. and Rebel Reform announced its recent partnership with The Hop, presented by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, to promote the importance of wearing a face mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Milwaukee community. Free face masks are currently being distributed to all streetcar riders who board the vehicles without a mask of their own.


The coordinated effort is made more visible by a newly wrapped Hop streetcar that is “Masked Up,” featuring both ends of the vehicle wearing a standard blue medical mask. Additionally, artwork on the streetcar features the masked-up faces of Milwaukee citizens.


The masks donated by are individually packaged and include instructions for proper usage.



Ongoing Efforts is continuing to promote the use of masks or face coverings throughout the city and across the state as the most effective way for citizens to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The launch of the new MaskUpMKE streetcar coincides with the release of a new PSA, supported by United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, Creative Health Collective, and the broader MaskUpMKE Coalition. The PSA features Milwaukee Health Commissioner Dr. Jeanette Kowalik, Judge Derek Mosley, and other community members.


“Our partnership with The Hop is another way for us to build awareness for this important cause in a visible and meaningful way,” said Loretta Kryshak, of Rebel Reform, Rebel Converting’s social outreach arm. “The simple act of wearing a face covering can save lives, prevent the spread of COVID-19, and reduce the length and severity of this pandemic. We’re committed to ensuring our entire community sees this message, heeds this message, and has access to free and effective masks that will help stop the spread.”



About Loretta Kryshak and Rebel Reform
Loretta Kryshak of Rebel Reform is no stranger to charitable causes and fostering social awareness campaigns. She is a talented and creative visionary with incredible passion and years of management experience in the corporate world. Loretta brings a wealth of expertise to Rebel Reform and first gained her nonprofit know-how by volunteering for several organizations throughout southeastern Wisconsin. She believes passionately in giving back to the community and
taking care of residents who are the most vulnerable. Rebel Reform’s pledge is to harness the spirit of the people in the Greater Milwaukee area by strengthening, sustaining, and assisting those in need through their charitable endeavors.

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