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Loretta Kryshak Rebel Reform

Loretta Kryshak

Rebel Converting Launches Rebel Reform with Loretta Kryshak Spearheading the Division


Loretta Kryshak has initiated and participated in the many charitable activities that Rebel Converting has been involved with since our inception 9 years ago.  These include putting together and organizing backpacks for the homeless, giving away bikes and helmets, Shop With A Cop programs and helping make and distribute over 3.3 million facemasks through MaskUpMKE.

Loretta Kryshak is a talented and creative visionary with incredible passion and years of management experience in the corporate world as a consultant, project manager, and systems analyst. She brings a wealth of expertise to Rebel Reform with particular strengths in finance, management information services (MIS), and graphic design.

Information technology literate, Loretta has an abundance of proficiency and skills to effectively deal with the theory, organization, management, and implementation of information resources and associated technologies in a range of interdisciplinary environments. She leveraged this knowledge and her personal and business connections to help several local nonprofit organizations, such as the Junior Women’s Club of Mequon, among others.

In early 2020, Loretta’s husband, Mike Kryshak, implemented a program called #MaskUpMKE in which Loretta played a vital role in harnessing public support while mobilizing resources and services of from their business, Rebel Converting.

The idea behind the #MaskUpMKE initiative is multi-faceted. It began as a social awareness campaign aimed at halting the further spread of COVID-19 by focusing on washing hands, social distancing, and wearing face masks. #MaskUpMKE encourages residents to be responsible and safe whenever they leave their homes. The goal of #MaskUpMKE is to help create and distribute 3.5 million masks to the greater Milwaukee community residents.

Loretta earned her bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee in Finance & Management Information Systems. About 25 years later, she went back to school for an AA degree in Graphic Arts from MATC. She made the Dean’s Honor Roll at both colleges. In addition to her degrees, Loretta also has her CNA – a Certified Netware Administrator 4.1, and her CNE – a Certified Netware Engineer 3.0. In addition to Loretta’s humanitarian endeavors, in her personal life, Loretta is very active in photography and travel.

Mike and Loretta Kryshak

Loretta and Mike Kryshak

Throughout their entire adult lives, Loretta and Mike Kryshak have shown their love for the greater Milwaukee community by giving back through small and large philanthropic gestures.

Over the past six years, they’ve worked with the 16th Street Community Center to distribute more than 4,000 bicycles to under-served children. For the past two years, Mike and Loretta have packaged and delivered more than 1,300 backpacks for homeless families and individuals. Mike Kryshak is also on the Executive Leadership Council at the Ability Center.

Mike and Loretta prefer to focus on organizations and programs that directly serve the people who need it the most. Places like: Just One More Ministry, Mr. Bobs Under the Bridge, and the YMCA, as well as helping local Fire departments, wrestling teams, women’s shelters, etc. They’ve helped pay for a portable shower for the homeless, donated exercise equipment for MS support groups, and, for the past four years, given to a program called Shop With a Cop in Ozaukee County.