Just One More Ministry

One of the programs established by Loretta Kryshak with Rebel Reform is called “Rebels With a Cause.” This program engages a variety of nonprofits and other social causes; that need support by way of cash, in-kind donations, or volunteerism to create a bigger impact in their community. Rebel Reform uses a plethora of innovative strategies to educate the general public regarding the mission of those charitable causes and to reach residents who may need help.

Rebels With a Cause

A series of presentations will highlight the numerous nonprofit organizations and community groups that Rebel Reform currently supports. By featuring each organization, Loretta Kryshak with Rebel Reform, strives to raise the profile of each charity and educate the greater Milwaukee community regarding their value and importance. Rebel Reform will also use this platform to inspire others and to introduce more people to each nonprofit, whether to volunteer, donate funds, or use their services.

By creating this program, Rebel Reform hopes to help more underserved people by making them aware of and take part in these social assistance programs.

Furthermore, Rebel Reform’s mission is to aid organizations in raising funds from the general public more successfully. Assisting these charities in creating and managing a strong marketing and public relations plan will create greater public awareness and build stronger relationships with businesses. This is crucial to the success of the continued growth and stability of each nonprofit.

Today Rebel Reform introduces Just One More Ministry.

Just One More Ministry

About JOMM

Located on the northeast side of Milwaukee, in Glendale, Just One More Ministry provides regular, nutritious meals to those struggling with hunger and/or addiction throughout the Milwaukee area.

Founded by Chris Capper in 2008, Just One More Ministry began as an informal, small food recovery program. At that time, he worked with the Meal Outreach Ministry at Wauwatosa, Wisconsin’s St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church.  

The food program grew from the humble beginnings of rescuing just one box of bread and donating it to a central city church.

Today, dozens of volunteers now gather and repackage excess prepared food, bakery, and fresh produce from numerous Milwaukee suppliers, caterers, restaurants, and retail outlets every week. Some of these food donors are Bartolatta’s, Kroger, Kohl’s, Saz’s, Penzey’s Spices, Sendik’s, Target, Costco, Walmart, and Whole Foods, Johnsonville, Hawg’s Catering, Reinhart Food Service, Metcalf’s, along with so many more.

The repackaged food is then redistributed throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Just One More Ministry shares thousands of pounds of food to more than 75 inner-city churches, social service organizations, shelters, and food pantries that serve low-income families, the homeless, women, children, veterans, and the elderly.

This service provides needy communities with the crucial link necessary to feed those who would otherwise go hungry.

Rebel Converting  Partners With Just One More Ministry

Along with their wonderful work feeding the hungry, there is another important reason that Loretta Kryshak with Rebel Reform has chosen to spotlight Just One More Ministry. Just One More Ministry had teamed up with Rebel Converting in its efforts to produce 3.5 Million volunteer-made face masks. These masks are distributed to Milwaukee residents to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  While well on their way to producing one million of these masks, there were 1200 boxes of kits left with each box totaling 700 masks. At this time Rebel Converting announced the JOMM Match Grant Challenge where Rebel Converting offered $25.00 for each completed box of 700 masks for a total of $30,000 and called upon other companies to step forward with matching grants.

Back in March, Mike and Loretta Kryshak donated all of the materials necessary to create one million face masks from the fabric of hospital-grade disinfectant wipes produced by their company, Rebel Converting. The supply of face masks was being outpaced by the need, as most were going to hospital patients and healthcare providers.

Following the initial fabric offer, Mike and Loretta Kryshak donated additional material in April – enough to produce another 2.5 million face masks. Just One More Ministry’s initial volunteer mask-making campaign resulted in over 1,000 households making more than 700,000 face masks. Shortly after that, the Ministry requested yet another supply of kits. They proceeded to create thousands of more face coverings for the community. The willingness of the staff and volunteers of Just One More Ministry to roll up their sleeves and help was incredibly impressive to the Kryshaks. When they created Rebel Reform, Loretta knew that the first organization she would feature, and encourage others to get involved with, would be Just One More Ministry.

Hunger in the United States

Since the start of COVID-19 in March 2020, more than 30 million workers in the United States have lost their jobs due to the virus. In Wisconsin, the unemployment rate hit a high of 13.7% in April and hasn’t dropped much since then. Hardest hit are those who may have already been living paycheck to paycheck: employees of restaurants, hotels, service workers, and small business owners, as well as seniors, and the African American and Hispanic communities.

This unemployment rate is currently higher than it was in the 1930s Great Depression. One in seven workers is unemployed, and labor studies show these numbers are growing. Because of this, more families and individuals of all ages are going hungry than ever before. Yet, at the same time, local grocers, bakeries, and retailers are still discarding edible food every day.  

According to the National Defense Resource Center, 40% of food is wasted in the United States. By reducing this food loss by even a modest 15%, we could feed more than 25 million Americans. In Milwaukee, 43% of children struggle with hunger, one in three Milwaukee residents live in poverty, and one in seven seniors is food insecure – they’re not sure from where or when their next meal will come.

Support Just One More Ministry

If you would like to learn more about Just One More Ministry, please visit www.jomministry.org. Their address is 4180 N Lydell Ave, Glendale, WI 53212, and their Office phone is (414) 292-5112. Please consider making a financial donation, offering to volunteer, or helping to make face masks.

About Rebel Reform

Rebel Reform is the Social Outreach Arm of Rebel Converting. Much like Rebel Converting, Rebel Reform will continue working with several nonprofits in southeastern Wisconsin while researching other organizations and social causes to find where their support offers the most significant impact. Led by Loretta Kryshak, she is no stranger to charitable causes and fostering social awareness campaigns. Mike and Loretta Kryshak have been the driving force behind Rebel Converting’s #MaskUpMKE and continue to be the voice behind the importance of wearing face masks in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

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