Loretta Kryshak with teen who completed 10,000 face masks

Loretta Kryshak of Rebel Reform Thanks  Srisupraja Kandrakota who Costructed 10,000 Face Masks

Milwaukee, WI October 19, 2020

In September, we shared the story about Srisupraja Kandrakota from Kenosha who was on a crusade to construct 10,000 face masks with materials donated by Rebel Converting  The masks were being made for Kenosha health workers, fellow students, teachers, and families to help prevent the Coronavirus spread.


Using Donated Materials and Their Time Wisely 

Many teens use their spare time to play video games, watch YouTube, or talk to their friends. However, Srisupraja Kandrakota decided to use her time and talent to reach an impressive goal instead. She recently completed making 10,000 facemasks for her local community!

It took Srisupraja all summer long and into the fall to finish this gargantuan task – while also getting her homework done and doing other fun things normal teenagers do.


Thanks to Loretta Kryshak with Rebel Reform and co-founder of MaskUPMKE.org, Srisupraja created masks from donated materials. Srisupraja spent hours upon hours folding fabric and adding ear loops that keep the masks in place. 


“Srisupraja is a wonderful example of what can be done when we all pitch in to help each other,” commented Loretta Kryshak. She should be very proud of herself.” She added, “We are very grateful.”


MaskUpMKE and Ongoing Efforts

MaskUpMKE.org, Rebel Converting, and Rebel Reform are working together to promote awareness around the city and across the state regarding face coverings and masks. Face masks continue to be the most effective way to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


The masks are distributed in various ways to anyone in need of a mask, for free. COVID-19 is not going away, and the simple act of wearing a face covering can save lives, prevent the spread, and reduce the length and severity of this pandemic. Getting masks out to those who need them is a huge help.


About Rebel Reform

Rebel Reform is the Social Outreach Arm of Rebel Converting and a proud member of the Greater Milwaukee area community. Their mission is to work with several non-profits and to support various social causes where their support offers the most significant impact. 


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