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At Rebel Converting we believe that helping those less fortunate in our community is our responsibility. We will continue to do so under our new Social Outreach Arm – REBEL REFORM.


Under Rebel Reform, Loretta believes that through “Rebels With A Cause” -we can bring to light the Charitable Organizations that we support and help with their needs of cash, in-kind donations, and volunteerism so they can have even a greater impact on the people that they serve.

Rebels With  A Cause – will highlight organizations:  that feed those who would otherwise go hungry, give shelter and clothes to those who are homeless,  give Christmas to kids that otherwise wouldn’t have one, and fight the Spread of COVID among many others. Please join us and learn about our first REBEL – Chris Capper and Just One More Ministry.

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Much like Rebel Converting, Rebel Reform will continue working with several nonprofits in southeastern Wisconsin while researching other organizations and social causes to find where our support offers the most significant impact.

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Rebel Reform is led by Loretta Kryshak who is no stranger to charitable causes and fostering social awareness campaigns.

Recently, Mike and Loretta Kryshak have been the driving force behind Rebel Converting’s #MaskUpMKE and continue to be the voice behind the importance of wearing face masks in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

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